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The Michigan Developmental Education Consortium (MDEC), a nonprofit educational organization, serves post-secondary education across the state of Michigan by creating an active network for educators to research and share best practices, to refine strategies for quality programs, and to advocate for developmental education. MDEC focuses on learning as a life-long process.

MDEC members teach developmental courses at colleges and universities; develop and administer programs concerned with academic success; counsel underprepared students; assess placement and exit measurements in developmental courses and programs; serve as developmental education’s liaison with business, government, and industry; network on state and national levels with other developmental educators; and advocate for developmental education.

MDEC has grown out of a small group of Michigan educators who began meeting on December 2, 1981, at Wayne County Community College to share information, strategies, research, and concerns about the future of developmental education. In 1984 MDEC became an affiliate of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) and the new National Organization for Student Success, which is NADE’s new name.


NOSS is the new NADE organization.

In 2019, the National Association for Developmental Education voted to become the National Organization for Student Success. Please visit their new website: https://thenoss.org.



This is the logo and name of the organization from 1984-2019 (https://thenoss.org/History):


MDEC is an affiliate of NADE/NOSS.

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