Impacting the future of Developmental Education in Michigan.The MDEC 2018 Conference was held at Lansing Community College West Campus October 18-19, 2018!


The MDEC 2018 Conference was held at
Lansing Community College West Campus October 18-19, 2018!

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December 5, 3:00 EST

Best Practices of Postsecondary Peer Learning Programs

Presenter:  Dr. David Arendale

This fast-paced webinar presents best practices of major peer learning models used across the U.S. (Supplemental Instruction, Emerging Scholars Program, Peer-Led Team Learning, and others). These best practices could be implemented with any peer program and not just these. Arendale provides a brief overview of each of the programs and identities recent articles for further reading. David will share his research on peer learning groups regarding their impact with future vocational choice, leadership identity emergence, mechanism for adapting within peer learning sessions, professional identity emergence beyond their job descriptions, and more. Arendale will offer practical suggestions for enhancing any peer learning programs based on recent evaluation studies.  This session would be useful for directors of campus peer learning programs, professionals involved with program evaluation, grant writers, students searching for research topics, and more.

David Arendale, Ph.D., has spent his academic career studying best practices in learning assistance to help students achieve higher outcomes. For many years at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Arendale directed research and training workshops to help other institutions implement Supplemental Instruction. Currently at the University of Minnesota, Arendale serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and Manager of the Educational Opportunity Association Best Practices Center for TRIO Programs. He led a team that developed the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program with is a fusion of best practices from Supplemental Instruction, Emerging Scholars Program, and Peer-led Team Learning. He writes extensively about peer learning programs and publishes an annual annotated peer learning program bibliography. For more information about him, check out his website at<>



The MDEC 2018 conference featured keynote speaker Dawn Coleman, Coleman Associates, Education and Evaluation Research. Ms. Coleman has authored several research studies including a review of Accelerated Learning Programs in Michigan community colleges. Ms. Coleman will focus her keynote on “Telling Our Story,” using data to communicate details related to our programs and students. Ms. Coleman will also present a pedagogy workshop focused on data visualization.